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Photography / Content Marketing Solutions


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My Profile

I want to accomplish as much as possible, and have a blast doing it. If people are to take away anything from myself and my life, it’s that I love what I do, and use it to enjoy and explore life to the fullest. Success is freedom.

  • Name: Yves Van den Meerssche
  • Email: yves@livethelife.tv
  • Phone: +33 (0)777 93 71 72
  • Date of birth: 22 January 1976
  • Address: 293 Avenue Du Marensin, 40370, Rion des Landes.
  • Nationality: Belgium

My Skills

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Motivation is Key

I would like to think a talent or strength of mine is motivation. I know exactly what I want: to travel, to be the best I can be at my passions, and to get the most out of every single day. In reality, taking photos or making websites is the fun and easy part, while the logistics, business, communication, equipment, preparation, and everything else in-between is what really matters to actively grow and sustain oneself. I spent a lot of time and energy researching and exacting these elements, all with my end goals in mind.

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Content Marketing

Expert, 15 years

Google Ads

Expert, 12 years

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Advanced, 15 years


Expert, 10 years

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Media Exposure @ LiveTheLife.TV

2 million+ Page Views
59.000+ FaceBook Fans
87 million Google Adwords

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  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Copywriting

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  • Strategy
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Finance

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  • Planning
  • Negociation
  • Investing
  • Networking



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14 Years Experience!

PAST. Learning from mistakes. Balancing passion with business.

TODAY. The internet is the greatest resource, ever. That’s how I learned how to use all the cameras, computers, and software. Everything from literature, cinema, art, and music inspire me visually and intellectually, and are essential to my day.

FUTURE. I want to see the world, to experience and document every facet of it. I really want to design and build a house from the ground up.



2015 - 2020
We're implementing stylish, mobile-first websites. Offering simple, beautiful & results driven solutions to make your brand stand out. We’ve seen what works and help you accelerate your success. Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration. Content Marketing is our Solution. cms.livethelife.tv
Bordeaux Wine

Biarritz Time

2012 - 2016
Book a room at our B&B for only €35 pp. Above all we will recommend other places to stay. Check out some of our favourite Airbnb listings. We at le BonVivant would like to share with you our world view. While each person has their own, we all have one thing in common, and that is limited time. We would like to offer our assistance in finding you a little piece of heaven in the SW of la douce France, where you can taste life and live it to the fullest. We look forward having you as our guests. Aloha


Surf Travel

Live The Life

2005 - 2016
LTL presents the world’s best surf destinations. Combined with curated video, editorial content and a direct contact and reservation system.

The filter to find what you are looking for will do all the magic. Interviews with owners to tell the story about living the good life. We made a good product better. Tweaked our business model. We curated the properties where we would love to Live The Life.


Surf Real Estate

J-Bay South Africa

2005 - 2016
After an 18 month internship, I started writing a business model to curate surf properties around the world ... we tested the ideas and concept with a site that eventually got nominated for best business blog in South Africa. The rest as they say is history ...

It was also the start of our second renovation project. This place was the HQ for our LTL Startup, https://www.facebook.com/jbaysurfview

Surf Media

Photography / Video / Journalist

2000 - 2016
Providing cutting edge webtv technology, years before YouTube. We got featured on Apple.com for being video streaming pioneers.

As a freelance writer /photographer I worked for Freeze and Swell Magazine, Surfers, SurfEurope, O’Neill, Quiksilver, ...

With the support of O'Neill, Red Bull, Best, Electric and Corona we launched a kite surf school in Belgium and broadcasted a TV-commercial on MTV ...

Surf Business

Sales Manager

2000 - 2003
As freelance sales agent of O’Neill wetsuits I managed to increase the salesresults with 80%. By ordering directly through the UK instead of the US our margin increased with 25 %. I scheduled a more effective delivery window and negociated more competitive retail prices.

As sales manager I designed a datawarehouse with online intranet reports real-time sales evolution, margins, stock, deliveries, ... Reporting directly to the CEO’s with up to date sales reports.

I was an active member of the ICT (Image Control Team). Our team’s input resulted in new flagship stores, core events and a cutting-edge marketing and public relations strategy.



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The Learning Curve

I’ve learnt the value of caring about what I spend the majority of my time doing. I realized I never wanted to work for someone else, to live a sedentary lifestyle, or to not be excited about my day every morning I wake up. I’ve learnt that respect is a universal language, and communication is the most important ingredient of any craft. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. So I keep learning.

In a sense, I had to begin my education all over again. If I wanted to succeed, I had to fully understand the economics of the Great Recession. I began by reading everything I could on business, marketing and technology. After all, it’s often the most difficult or trying times that set the stage for the best opportunities.

Ehsal Brussels

Business / Marketing

1996 - 2000
This is where I developed a passion for learning. University was a great place to get some social skills but I've learned more about business working as an assistant of two well know captains of (surf) industry. Without this marketing degree I would never have gotten the job of a lifetime. So I will never regret going to business school in Brussels.
HHC Brussels


1983 - 1995
An elite school in Brussels. While I got some good grades, I was also known as the rebel and I got in trouble from time to time. Going outside to buy a sandwich during lunchbreak was considered a crime. Skateboarding made you look like a criminal. Yes it was that kind of school but I loved every second of it. Truly enjoyed my teenage life and would do it all over again.


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Let's Keep In Touch

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Yves Van den Meerssche
Rue Du Marensin 293, Rion des Landes 40370, France
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I'm Social and love Media

This is where we can connect ...

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